Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Another very important aspect of your wedding is going to be wanting to capture this day in photos so that you will have memories of it for very long time to come. Originally years ago it used to be that the photographer would only arrive just prior to taking the vow and about the time that the bride arrived at the church. He or she would then take the photos of the vow sharing and then continue taking photos for the first part of the reception.

The new trend is to stretch out the event over a period of time to capture every part of it. This means that a photographer is arranged for the engagement photos and then often will attend the engagement party as well. Then on the day of the wedding the photographer will arrive early at the bride’s place where she is getting dressed and capture the different stages that are taking place at this time. The photographer then either himself or an assistant may go to the groom’s location and do the same thing. With this type of trend it means that the photographer is on duty for many hours and this is where the cost can really increase.

When choosing your photographer you need to decide on how many hours you want this professional to be on hand and what stages of the wedding are most important to be photographed.

You also want to take a look at their portfolio to make sure that their work meets the standards that you are setting for them. You may also want to decide to have your wedding caught on video as well as your still photos and these are all things that need to be planned out well ahead of time.

If you want to cut costs down then you can eliminate the engagement photos and just focus on the wedding day itself. You could also utilize the services of a family member that is good at taking photos and use this individual for the photos that are not as important to you.

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