Planning a Themed Wedding

Some soon-to-be-married couples want to have a very simple wedding and keep it in the traditional sense. The new trend in weddings now, though, is to go with wedding themes. This just makes the day extra special, and it is ideal for those couples that are going to be married that can’t afford an elaborate wedding or to go to some exotic location to save there “I do’s”.

When you are planning such a wedding, the theme can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. After all, it is your special day and it should be exactly as you want. Sometimes the theme will simply be built around a color scheme where everything blends in throughout the entire wedding day based on these colors.

In other cases it may be based on events. For example, some will plan their themes to be a vintage wedding while others want a country style or a rustic event. Then there are those that opt for a beach theme. When going with this type, even the attire and the reception setting will be based on what these events would entail.

Having a themed wedding doesn’t mean that it has to cost more money. In fact, it can really help those that are on a tight budget because they are not following many of the conventional traditions that can sometimes be quite costly – that is why they’re all the rage right now! For example, the aforementioned beach wedding will have the bride and groom dress more casually rather than in the formal wedding attire. But of course this is up to the happy couple to decide: they can personalise the event however they want!

Plans for the themed wedding should be the starting point before any other steps are taken. The theme will dictate where the vows are going to be taken, what type of attire is going to be worn, and what the reception is going to be made up of – not only its location but the type of food fare that will be offered.

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