Planning Your Wedding

Once you know that you are going to get married the first thing you have to do is begin to plan your wedding. It doesn’t matter whether your wedding is going to be six months down the road or a year or two, getting your plan together is your first step.

Once you’ve done this then you can start working by dates and in increments to make sure that everything is going to be attended to. Wedding planning has to begin as early as possible because there are bookings involved, and many at the venues that are going to help make up your wedding are date sensitive.

Leaving the responsibility of having to book your church or where ever you are going to say your vows to the last minute or your reception bookings can lead to a big disappointment. This is because often these venues are booked at a minimum of a year ahead especially if they are going to be popular locations.

Taking Breaks

There is a lot to do when planning a wedding and both you and your partner need to take a break from it once in a while. A great way of doing this is to enjoy some Kaboo which can be a great stress reliever not to mention lots of fun.

Themed Weddings

The first thing you want to determine with your planning is whether you are going to have a themed wedding. If this is the case everything that you plan is going to have to revolve around this.


Following this you have to set a budget because this type of event can get very expensive. With a good plan and a budget to follow you can make it the most special day of your life and still make it affordable.

Accepting Advice==

You’re going to find that the moment that you announce that you’re getting married that you are going to get tons of advice from family and friends. It can get to the point where it becomes overwhelming.

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