Wedding Planning and Families

While planning and holding a wedding is one of the most exciting events you will do in your life it can also be one of the most stressful. This is applicable to both the bride and the groom. Quite often part of the stress comes from having to deal with the families.

There are two sets of families that are involved here which are the bride and the groom’s and they no doubt both have their own ideas as to how they want the wedding to take place. The first thing is that with your early planning you and your partner should have set some ground rules of important factors that you are not willing to bend on.

However, at the same time this is such a joyful event that you also want to include your families as part of it. What you may want to do is discuss those areas where you both feel that you can be flexible and to see what the family wishes are about these. Meet with each family independently and make notes of what is important to them. Then this is something that you and your partner can discuss to see where their wishes may be able to be fitted in to this wonderful day.

The next step is getting at the families together where they can discuss things among themselves with you both being present. It may take a little work and time to get everybody on the same page but it is an important step so that everyone feels that they have a part of this day without taking total control of it.

Also, one of the challenges that may come with the family is those that are wanting to be part of your wedding party. If you both have large families this again can create another challenge. You need to keep your wedding party down to a minimum not only because of the time factor but because of the cost factor. Try to find small but important jobs to assign them.

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